How to log into your admin panel to edit the site

How to upload a file (pdf or doc file), such as Minutes, Agendas or financial information

Documents are organised by being attached to Pages.

To add a document add it directly to the page where you would like the link to the document to appear. So, for instance, if you have a page called Minutes & Agendas 2019, you should add all minutes and agendas from that year to that page.

Working with Pages

Pages are used to show information on your site. They are usually set up to show information on your site that you want to display permanently. An example of a page would be Minutes and Agendas 2019 or Council Members. Pages are usually included in the ‘menu’ (tabs) at the top of your website. When you publish a page it doesn’t automatically show anywhere until you link to it, either from your menu or from another Page or Post.

Latest News section (known as Posts in the admin panel)

Posts are used to publish information that needs to feature prominently, but is not going to be displayed permanently, such as news from the council. Your site is set up as standard to show the latest 5 Posts.

When you add a post, it will automatically display at the top of the list of links under the Latest News heading in your site.

Adding events to your calendar

If you website has an event calendar installed, you can follow the instructions below to add events.